CAD technology vs traditional drafting techniques

What kind of benefits are Regal achieving by using CAD technology rather than traditional drafting techniques?

The main variable driving competition in boat production industry is time. Traditional drafting techniques need several days to develop one part of the boat, they require preciseness and there is no possibility to estimate the ready product in the drafting process. Calculation of boat parameters would require additional time, if traditional drafting techniques were used. By using CAD technology, Regal Marine designers gain a number of advantages, namely: the ability to see the ready boat, its technical parameters and styling on entering even a sketch of the boat. They can vary the design and improve boat prototypes, thus perfecting their future product (Heizer & Render, 1996). CAD system also gives many space for team work, which is hardly possible using traditional drafting techniques. New ideas and innovations develop from combining different parts of the boat as well as from combining different designs and previous ideas. The archive of ideas serves as additional source of inspiration for the designers. Production of boat models also is boosted with the use of CAD, as well as interaction with suppliers, and consideration of designs. The applications of CAD technology to a large extent allow Regal Marine to retain competitive advantage, and the benefits of CAD can hardly be overestimated.

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