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Response Essay

How to Write a Response Essay A response essay is, in fact, writing your personal viewpoint and personal learning regarding the book, paper, novel, poem, essay, article, etc. in question and the ideas and values contained therein. In other words, a response paper is a critique or evaluation of the author’s literature work. When it...
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Research Essay

How to Write a Research Essay It is a well-known fact that writing a research essay may prove to become a rather challenging task. First of all, you may think that it is not that difficult. You simple choose the topic, do research on this topic and afterwards, write an essay based on your researches....
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Persuasive Essay

How to Write a Persuasive Essay Persuasive essay, which is also known as the argument essay, is such kind of scholar writing the main purpose of which is to convince the readers to agree with our facts and accept your argument and conclusions, thus, adopting your way of thinking.  In other words, this form of...
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