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John Hoyer Updike

John Updike. American writer, poet, essayist and playwright, John Updike, belongs to the U.S. post-war generation of writers who came to the literature, having a university degree and a sound philological training. The object of his image – the life of the intelligentsia, he is well familiar “middle class”.The first major work – “Fair in...
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Afro-American literature essay

A special place in the literary process is the U.S. Afro-American literature. The most striking her representative, James Baldwin (1924-1987) called Afro-American writers to move away from stereotypes in the depiction of the Afro-American and show all the spiritual richness and contradictory personality of black Americans. Baldwin’s position shared by other African-American writers, and all...
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William Styron

William Styron – A representative of the southern school in American literature, Styron is one of his first novel” Descend into the darkness (1951), introduced in the opening theme dark legacy of slavery lot. In this work, feels a strong influence William Faulkner, who was, in the words of the Styron, “and God and the...
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