College application essay

College application essay

I would like to apply for an art college, and I would like to tell about my life and my background in this essay. I have come to United States from Korea at end of 11th grade and everything was so difficult to me (language, culture) and even my family lost all the money that we brought from Korea. I can say that that period was the toughest I have ever had in my life.

My personal goal is to apply for an art college because I consider it the sense of my life. As a fact, I was surrounded by art and lived in art. I was a good student who had a bright future.  I can say for sure that I perceive art is a dispensable part of my life and I want I appreciate it very much. Before realizing that the art was the sphere I was fond of, I was searching for something that can make me happy, that can make my dreams come true and something that is beautiful and makes others happy. I started painting everything I saw, I loved the process and then I started visiting the art school. This has changed my life completely.

I can say that art is my life and it helps me to move forward and realize all my goals and dreams of my life. Many people have told me that I have a talent in painting and that I will succeed in life. I appreciate the attention I have from people, from my family and from every person that support me. I consider myself hardworking and goal-oriented person, who knows what he wants and knows what makes him happy, and I would like to study at the art college.

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