Comparison Essay

How to Write a Comparison Essay

comparison-essayIf you are a student, it is for certain that you have faced such type of writing as a comparison essay at least once. Indeed, it is a widely used type of assignments when it comes to educational process in various classes of high school and college. By the way, this type of composition is best known for being called a compare and contrast essay. But it is interesting to mention that this kind of scholar project can be either comparative, when you are looking for similarities or contrasting, where you point out the differences. And, of course, there is a combination of these two types- both comparative and contrasting.

Generally speaking, in this type of work you have to compare something or contrast something. In other words, you will need to critically analyze any two subjects, emphasizing the similarities or the differences.

When it comes to comparison essay writing, you have to follow its structure, which includes an introduction, one comparison point, second comparison point, (maybe also third comparison point), and a conclusion. Please note that the introduction is very important because first impression counts! Yes, it has to make the reader want to read your paper till the very end.

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