contemporary business environment of Coca-Cola

The Coca-Cola Co. is one of the most successful companies operating in the beverage industry worldwide. The company has developed a complex but effective organizational structure. At the same time, the company attempts to develop effective organizational systems, planning its business development and providing its units with a large degree of autonomy. The company uses its budget for funding key project granting its units with operational budgets, which units of the company can use to conduct their operations at the local level. Today, the company pays a lot of attention to its human resources that are encouraged to work within the framework of the organizational mission and vision. The Coca-Cola Co. encourages its employees to follow traditional norms and principles of the company and to maintain positive company-customer relationships. Therefore, the traditional organizational culture and structure have proved their efficiency and contribute to the marketing success of the Coca-Cola Co. along with human resources of the company that comprise an important marketing asset of the company in the contemporary business environment.

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