Custom essays: Baseline Magazine

1. Summary description of its structure and purpose
Baseline Magazine is a practical guide to costing and managing the deployment of leading-edge information technology (Baseline). With the help of case studies, news stories, company dossiers, and financial tools, the magazine provides technology leaders and business executives with a detailed look at how their peers are implementing information technology (Baseline). Baseline’s purpose, is to provide “in the trenches” editorial that gives an opportunity to IT and corporate management make a detailed and thorough look at how leading companies deploy IT solutions (Baseline). The website of the magazine is
The website has complex and is composed of the variety different sections. The main sections are Compliance, Intelligence, IT Management, Mid-Market, News, Projects, Techdirect, White Papers and Webcasts (Baseline). Also there such subsections as Podcasts, Videos and Slideshows. The Baseline Magazine’s website has a lot of advertisements and links to different sites.

2. Its overall \”look and feel\” and apparent target audience
Talking about “look and feel” of the Baseline Magazine`s website, there should be mentioned that its authors keep the content of IT technology within the whole site. All information is relevant and can be interesting for IT specialist. The site projects the professional image (Raysman, 2010). The design of the site is appropriate for the topic and audience. The site is colorful, because the main colors are orange, white and blue. The site contains a lot of information, but it is rather easy to follow necessary direction (Hoskins, 2009). The site is not too complex and is rather quick. Visitors don’t need to jump through hoops to get what they are searching for.
The apparent target audience include senior IT and corporate management, suppliers, consultants and simply people who are interested in IT technologies.

3. What I find useful about this site
The information provided by the site is useful for IT specialist. Besides important information there are also some advertisements of programs, tools and applications that can be interesting for specialist of this field.
The site provides recent news about IT companies, their products, software, statistics, and reports. It was interesting to know the latest news about Apple, Motorola, Microsoft, Cisco, Hewlett-Packard and other. Each section provides case dissections on deployments, detailing the business strategies and goals of specific technology implementations (Baseline).

4. Links there that I either did or intend to follow up
I looked through the website thoroughly, in order to understand its structure, content and its mission. There are a lot of links to subsections that can be interested. The link to the projects provides a list of subsections according some specific topics, for example: data analysis, application management, business intelligence, integration, enterprise planning and many more. Each subsection gives an opportunity to read articles, mostly news articles on the chosen topic. Such list of detailed classification makes visitor easily find necessary information.
Also visitors of the site can be interested in the link to Videos. There is a great amount to IT videos and not only. Going to the link with Videos, the visitor is redirected to the site where he can watch videos on interesting for him topics.

5. Any other things about the site that I find interesting
The site is full of interesting information. The thing I liked is that the site often redirects to other sites that are also very interesting. As it was mentioned before, going to the section Videos, the visitor is redirected to the site, and going to the section Techdirect, he is redirected to, and going to the section White Papers, visitor appears at
and so on.

6. Bottom-line evaluation of its value to me
The site is very informative and contains recent, useful and relevant information about IT technologies. Visitors can be really interested in IT innovations, analyses and expert’s opinion as to the development of IT technology. The only little difficulty was to find the main information about the magazine itself, its target audience and its mission, as this information is posted on the bottom of the site page and not on the top, as usually. Bust as the site is valuable and deserves the highest evaluation.

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