Custom essays: Health Care Delivery in the US from the Personal Perspective

The health care plan is very important for the coverage of health care costs. In actuality, there are a variety of health care plans, which are funded from different sources. In this regard, I would refer to my health care plan, which is tricare, the health care plan developed for military specifically. The tricare is an effective plan, which focuses on the provision of health care services to the military free of charge. The tricare health care plan implies the full coverage of health care costs by the government. In fact, the tricare is the program that the military provides for active duty and retired service personnel, their eligible family members and survivor’s health care. The tricare focuses on the provision of health care services for the military and supporting military missions by protecting, fostering, sustaining, and restoring health. My tricare health care plan includes the coverage of my health care costs along with health care costs spent on my family members, including my spouse and children, until they rich the age of 21. In such a way, in terms of the tricare, my family provides the full coverage of health care services for me and my family members. The tricare is an extensive health care plan, which provides health care costs coverage for military and their family members. At this point, I would place emphasis on the fact that the tricare health care plan provides the coverage of health care costs for the military after the retirement. In such a way, my health care plan provides extensive, full coverage of health care services and the only limitation is to stay in the military that is the major condition individuals can count for the enrollment in the tricare health care plan.
In fact, the tricare is a very effective health care plan because it has a number of advantages. First of all, the full coverage of the plan by the state frees the military from the burden of paying for health care services. This is particularly important, taking into consideration the fact that the military can be often involved in military operations that expose the health of officers and soldiers to serious threats and risks. Therefore, the risk of injuries and health problems is very high. In such a situation, the full coverage of the health care plan by the government is very important because the military cannot afford paying for health care services on their own. In addition, the tricare health care plan is just because it provides the military with certainty in their future because the full coverage of health care services make them confident in their full protection and they can count for receiving health care services they may need. In addition, the expansion of the tricare health care plan on family members of the military is another advantage of this health care plan. To put it more precisely, the tricare implies the coverage of health costs for the military family members, including spouses, children, until they rich the age of 21, and parents of the military. In such a way, the military can feel secure not only in regard to their own health but also in regard to the health of their family members.
However, many Americans are insecure, especially if they lose their health care coverage after retirement or loss of their job, for instance. In this respect, it is important to place emphasis on the fact that different programs and health care-oriented legal acts aim at the coverage of health care services for all Americans. In this respect, it is possible to refer to COBRA, which is the health care plan that provides former employees, retirees, spouses, former spouses, and dependent children the right to temporary continuation of health coverage at group rate. However, it is important to remember that this coverage is only available when coverage is but due to certain specific events (U.S. Department of Labor, 2007). For instance, qualifying events for employees are voluntary or involuntary termination of employment for reasons other than gross misconduct and reduction in the number of hours of employment (U.S. Department of Labor, 2007).
In addition, employees, who lost their health coverage can count for extension of health care coverage under HIPAA. The HIPAA limits the ability of a new employer plan to exclude coverage for preexisting conditions; provides opportunities to enroll in a group health plan if employees lose coverage or experience certain life events; prohibits discrimination against employees and their dependent family members based on any health factors they may have; guarantees that certain individuals will have access to, and can renew, individual health care policies (U.S. Department of Labor, 2007). On the other hand, the HIPAA has certain limitations. In fact, the HIPAA does not require the employer to offer health care coverage for employees or it does not guarantee that any conditions employees have at the moment are covered by their new employers’ health plan (U.S. Department of Labor, 2007).

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