Custom essays: iPhone and Nexus One by Google

Competitors, strategies, strengths and weaknesses
The major competitor of iPhone today is Nexus One by Google. Even though Google has introduced the product recently, this is still the major rival of iPhone because Google has proved to be quite successful in developing software and expanding its business. Google stresses the user-friendly design and multiple options of its Nexus One as major advantages and strengths of the product. However, iPhone can compete successfully in this regard with Nexus One because it also has user-friendly design and multiple functions. On the other hand, Nexus One is a relatively new product, whereas iPhone has a good reputation that puts the latter into an advantageous position in the market. Nevertheless, Google attempts to use the strategy of focusing on innovation and low pricing to get a competitive advantage over iPhone. In response, iPhone improves its quality and also introduces new software and new options for customers to use.
Key trends in economic environment
Key trends in the current economic environment of the product are growing competition, high tech devices being introduced in the market, and relatively low buying power of customers. The growing competition can undermine the position of iPhone, especially of Google’s Nexus One will be successful. In addition, the emergence of new high tech devices put under a threat the future of iPhones because there is a risk of appearance of substitutes. Nevertheless, in a short-run perspective, iPhone will maintain the leading position because, today, this product is technologically advanced and its lifecycle has not reached the saturation stage yet.
At the same time, the recent economic recession has led to the low buying power of customers, which is a serious challenge to the product because iPhone sales cannot grow as fast as the company expected them to grow before the economic recession has struck. Hence, the company cannot use the full potential of iPhone till the buying power of customers has not grown.
Key trends in social and cultural environment
In the contemporary social and cultural environment, it is possible to trace the clear trend toward the growing popularity of such devices as iPhone because the rhythm of life and the lifestyle of contemporary people has changed consistently. Today, people want to be mobile, have access to internet and benefit from the most advanced telecommunication technologies. iPhone grants customers with all of that. As a result, the social and cultural environment is favorable for iPhone at the moment. In fact, consumers become dependent, to a certain extent, on iPhones and similar devices, which they have already been accustomed to.
Recent technological and political changes
Technologies keep progressing and rivals of iPhone come into play and grow stronger as was the case of Nexus One. At the same time, iPhone has already undergone consistent improvements and evolved from iPhone to iPhone 4G. This means that technologies keep progressing and iPhone still holds one of the leading positions in the market.
The political situation is also favorable for the development of iPhone and its market expansion because the government attempts to stimulate the domestic economy to rise and companies operating in high tech industries, such as Apple can count for the support of the government and liberal legislation and fiscal policies that will stimulate the further development of business activities.

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