Custom essays on David J. West is the CEO of Hershey Food Corp

David J. West is the CEO of Hershey Food Corp., one of the largest employers in the US and the world. David J. West is the CEO in Hershey Food Corp, whose role in the company can hardly be underestimated. In fact, David J. West is not just a CEO but he is a leader of the company, who attempts to hold control over Hershey Food Corp. and its performance paying a lot of attention to internal business processes of the company.
In fact, David J. West has proved to be a successful leader of the company because he has managed to make a successful career and take the lead in Wal-Mart. He joined the company and became a true leader of the company. His flexible leadership style, which facilitates his work with his subordinates, is the characteristic of his leadership.
On the other hand, David J. West does not descend to average employees but works with his team of top executives of the company. He holds the position of the CEO and proves to be worthy of this position. At this point, it is worth mentioning the fact that he took the position of the CEO in the hard time for Hershey Food Corp. because the company suffered from negative effects of the economic recession. Nevertheless, David J. West took the lead and, at the moment, he attempts to recover the company after the economic recession.

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