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Marketing mix is a set of controllable variables of marketing, which the company uses in an effort to cause the desired reaction from the target market. The main function of the marketing mix is to create a set (mix), which would not only satisfy the needs of potential clients in target markets, but also maximize the effectiveness of the company’s business. (Kottler, 2010)
Marketing mix in its canonical form (“4P”) consists of 4 essential components:
Product – a set of products and services, which the company offers the target market.
Price – amount of money that consumers must pay for the goods.
Place (Distribution) – all sorts of activities through which the goods become available to target consumers.
Promotion – all sorts of activities of the company to bring information about the advantages of its goods and convict target consumers to buy it. (Principles of Marketing, 2007)
Thus, the concept of marketing mix is determined as a set of basic marketing tools that are included in the marketing program: product policy (product), marketing policy (place), pricing (price), communication policy and promotion policy (promotion).
Lets consider the marketing mix of the Spa Salon “Wellness”.
1. Product – is a set of qualities and characteristics of the product, which explains its concept, purpose, and market positioning. That is, this is “image” of the goods or services to be provided on the market. The main product concept of the “Wellness” Spa is creation of beauty and health center, providing customers with services with the latest advances in medicine and beauty industry. Services include:
– Rehabilitation of physical and psychological well-being, mood and activity of clients with SPA methods (relaxation and SPA-procedures);
– Complex of services of beauty in full program (hair, skin, face and body, nails).
– Full range of water and heat recovery processes, including whirlpool, sauna, steam bath, manual massage, vibratory massage, masks, wraps the whole body (spa and thalassic-therapy).
SPA salon “Wellness” is positioned as “Beauty, Relaxation and Health is available to everyone. Because you deserve it”.
2. Price – pricing policy of the SPA salon is based on the middle segment of consumers, as the salon is positioned as “beauty, relaxation and health accessible to all.” Such a pricing policy includes:
– the average price for basic services (massage, sauna, cosmetic services, hairdresser);
– high prices for exclusive goods and services (medical materials and cosmetics, anti-aging procedures, and innovative beauty products);
– festive events and activities;
– loyalty cards that provide discounts for regular customers.
3. Place – distribution is be direct, that is provision of goods and services only in the salon . “Wellness” salon is located in the center of the city, and so will cover a large segment of customers and visitors, as it’s placement is convenient for people.
4. Promotion – promotion activities are aimed to inform and attract as more customers and clients as possible, since the positioning of the salon is “Wellness available to everyone”, it is necessary to attract as much people as possible. Promotion activities include: Personal communications: an active communication with clients directly in the Salon, special events and activities to attract more clients (presentations)
Mass communications: outdoor advertising on big boards reading “Salon Wellness is a health and beauty, available to everyone”; advertisements in glossy magazines.
So, the marketing mix includes everything that can make a company influence the demand for its goods and services. Effective marketing program combines all the elements of the marketing mix into a coherent program, designed to achieve marketing goals of the company.

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