Custom essays: Private Security versus Law Enforcement

In this paper I am going to discuss the scenario about private security services and to define the appropriate actions for the officers they may enforce.
To start with, a private security company is a non-state enterprise that provides different security services.
In this particular situation the officers may enforce the following actions:
 To maintain the order during public events, i.e. during a college football game;
 To protect life and health of citizens;
 If it is necessary, the officers have the right to make fans’ arrests, or otherwise act as an officer of a law enforcement agency on the demand of a sheriff or other officials.
The officer must know the rules of inspection items and the direct inspection of citizens in accordance with the USA legislation:
• Know and be able to use drugs of the first-aid kit guard;
• Do not allow people who are intoxicated or have alcoholic beverages into the stadium.
The supervisor must familiarize the officers with the rules of the match and security measures, instruct them that the audience may not use the materials of the provocative nature with respect to the players or the fans of the opposing team and other citizens that can incite the racial or religious enmity.
It is necessary to mention that a video documenting will be used for security purposes while skipping the fans. Screening of individuals and their personal belongings will be carried out with metal detectors.
Moreover, a video surveillance system will operate during a college football game at the stadium. In addition, it is not superfluous to remind that it is necessary to be vigilant and inform the authorities of law enforcement about finding ownerless things, luggage and other items.
To conclude all above-mentioned, it is possible to sum up that a security guard is a qualified security officer who protect people, property, etc.) “…private-sector security is expanding into spheres – complex criminal investigations and patrols of downtown districts and residential neighborhoods – that used to be the sole province of law enforcement agencies” (Goldstein, 2007, para. 5).
This is important to note that the main officers’ duties during a college football game are to safe people’s life and health, to avoid clashes between fans and to ensure law and order in time for the game.

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