Custom essays: Speech analysis

“Obama Calls for Bipartisan Effort to Fight for U.S. Jobs” is a recent article in the New York Times , devoted to a recent speech of Barack Obama to the Senate, which the U.S. president delivers annually at the beginning of the year. The article presents a critical look at the speech, pointing important aspects and some details. We can say that author of the article Sheryl Gay Stolberg does not criticize the content of the speech, and sets out the main points, while using a little humor and sarcasm.
This speech is devoted to the results of the previous year 2010, as well as plans and vision for the next 2011. This year, Barack Obama called a speech “a plan to win the future”, and the hot issues discussed were economic development and recovery, unemployment, education, clean-energy technology, issues of foreign policy and international relations. Obama pointed the focus of his speech as creating jobs and increasing U.S. competitiveness in the world, while reducing the national debt and budget deficits.
In contrast to the first message on the situation in the country, which Obama made last year, this year president is in a very different political environment, where Republicans have a solid majority in the House of Representatives. Also now Obama’s approval rating has grown significantly, and some polls show that the level of his support is above 50 percent on some items. And his statement after the shooting in Tucson, where he called for a national debate, in which “there is no place to usual political tricks and pettiness” had a positive impact on the perception of him as a leader. However, polls indicate that Americans remain skeptical with regard to its actions to restore the economy. That is why this year his speech was more loyal, optimistic, and persuasive. But on the other hand, Obama was fairly straightforward in regard to the difficult decisions, like to reduce the federal budget deficit, and the national debt in the long term, awaiting that this problems require the cooperation of Democrats and Republicans.
The annual speech of the President is considered as one of the major political events: under the dome of the Capitol the President speaks to senators, congressmen, and his Cabinet. Among the guests at the President’s speech in the House of Representatives was Daniel Hernandez, who is credited with saving the life of a wounded member of Congress, Gabrielle Giffords, and the family of Christina Taylor Green – a nine-year old girl, who was one of six killed in a shooting in Arizona.

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