Custom essays: The Internet as social media: connectivity and immediacy

In actuality, social media have changed the lifestyle of people. People do not need any other media but internet and social networks to share their ideas, views or news, or any other information. Therefore, people can share their ideas openly and to reach the large audience, regardless of any physical barriers. The elimination of barriers preventing sharing information made social media a powerful media with the help of which people could communicate and shape their views on diverse issues. Social media influenced the public opinion that made social media significant not only in social but also political life.
At the same time, the emergence of internet, information technologies, modern telecommunication systems and social media was accompanied by the rise of e-business. Many companies started their business online, whereas, today, e-business has already become an integral part of the contemporary business environment. In actuality, e-business challenges the position of conventional business but some specialists (Viardot, 2001) argue that business can change consistently under the impact of social media. What is meant here is the fact that openness of social media and its growing impact on the social and political life can steadily affect economic relations and, therefore, business development. At this point, it is important to understand the extent to which social media can affect the business development. In other words, it is necessary to find out whether social media can change business fundamentally or all these changes will lead to the change of social media rather than business.
In fact, arguments of specialists concerning fundamental changes being provoked by social media are inconsistent because social media cannot change business in fundamental way. The change of business in fundamental way is possible only on the condition of structural changes of socioeconomic relations. To put it in simple words, the nature of socioeconomic relations has to change first before business can change fundamentally. The pressure from the part of the public alone cannot change business fundamentally. Even though the public pressure can affect the position of a company but it cannot change business fundamentally. For instance, the negative public opinion and public pressure on a company can lead the company to bankruptcy at the most, but the industry the company used to operate in will persist and principles of business will not change. The public opinion cannot be the driving force of fundamental changes in business because it is only economic relations that can affect business fundamentally. For instance, the change of the mode of production or nationalization being conducted en mass can change business fundamentally as was the case of Venezuela for instance.
The impact of social media is significant but social media do not change the essence of business but its mere form. In this respect, it is important to place emphasis on the fact that the form of business may change shifting toward e-business, while the essence of business remains unchanged. Today, it is possible to trace signs of such a shift. Social media contribute to the active use of cyberspace by consumers and business naturally attempts to gain some profits from such changes.
However, the main goal of business remains unchanged and so do fundamental principles of business. The main goal of business is earning profits, whereas other goals remain secondary to business. In this regard, some specialists (Viardot, 2001) argue that under the pressure of social media business will conduct socially responsible policies. To prove this idea, it is possible to refer to numerous examples of social responsibility programs and policies being implemented by modern companies. However, these policies were conducted not under the public pressure alone but also and mainly under the pressure of unions and in face of a risk of losing the positive brand image.
In such a way, social orientation of business and social responsibility of business is an unattainable goal because profit will always be prior to social responsibility of business. Business will always pursuit profit. Otherwise, business becomes purposeless. The business development implies the development of products and services that can be sold to customers to obtain some profits. Moreover, business tends to take the dominant position in the market to outpace rivals and, what is more, to monopolize the market. The development of business is vulnerable to the impact of the current situation in the market, public pressure, and social media but business does not change its goals and fundamental principles. As a result, social media can influence business but they cannot change it fundamentally. For instance, business can change methods under the impact of social media but business will still pursue profits and taking the leading position in the market.

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