Custom essays The Learning Never Stops

Education is important for every person and especially for those who plans to be successful. Parents understand this fact, so they try to start giving knowledge to their children form very early ages. Let us explore some researches about early education and children’s readiness for it.
The research of Barnett (2002) proved that early and high-quality education could give important benefits to youth and children. What makes education qualitative?
Some details like the number of pupils in the class, the staff and experience that pupils are getting on everyday basis increase the quality of education (Cryer, 1999). The education of a teacher is a next crucial criterion that defines the quality of a child’s education (Bowman, Donovan & Burns, 2001). The research of Acerman (2004) found out that one of educational problems is the fact that most of teachers attended minimal preserves training. Specialists consider that in-service training of teachers needs to be improved; nevertheless, they agree that types of such trainings sometimes do not reflect what we know really about professional improvement (Hyson, 2001). Presently some researchers are getting the information about improvement of in-service professional development models that could provide accommodation for teachers of every education and any level of experience and present work context. Collected information shows us that states expect ECE to improve outcomes of children but presently the quality of most programs is not as good as it expected to be (Peisner-Feinberg et al., 1999).
It is impossible to mention all researches on the topic of education; but we see that all types of specialists understand the importance of knowledge in present-day life and trying to find out the main problems and improve the educational system.

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