Custom research paper: Data, Information, and Knowledge

No doubts that we can call the twenty first century the age of data and information. Less than a hundred years ago people started create different electronic data carriers; now, in early 2000-s, people and especially organization cannot imagine their life and successful work without it.
Let us examine following aspects: How data, information and knowledge are related to the concept of knowledge management (KM)? How are they different? What are the potential benefits of knowledge management projects? What strategies should companies follow to achieve positive results in KM projects?
First, let us define KM. It is rather hard to give a universal definition of the concept, but commonly it includes a range of practices and strategies which are used in organizations to create, distribute, identify, represent and authorize adoption of experiences and insight. The insights and experiences we are talking about here include knowledge which could be embodied in an individual or embedded in organizational practice and processes. The concept of KM includes fields of informational systems, management, business administration and also information science and library. Recently KM research started including some other fields like computer science, public health, policy and media.
The conception of data refers to quantitative or qualitative attributes of a set of variables. Typically it is a result of measurement that could be a basis of a set variable’s observation, images or graphs. Commonly data is the lowest abstraction level. Form that level information and after it knowledge could be derived.
Information is a kind of any event that influences on the dynamical system’s state. In other sense it is a sequence of symbols which are in a certain order. Nevertheless, the conception of information does not have just only one meaning and it is rather hard to define it briefly.
Knowledge is defined as skills that a person got through education or experience; also it is a theoretical and practical understanding of a subject; knowledge is information and facts.
Joining all that concepts together, what benefits can KM give to companies? Some benefits of it are directly correlated to bottom – line saving. Companies today have information-driven economy so KM uncovers big opportunities to them form intellectual assets. To maximize the benefits of it, companies should take some essential steps:
• Create a integrated complete realization plan.
• Develop a case for clarifying and changing of goals.
• Provide the assessing of an organization’s culture to changes. It is important when an organization is ready to provide some changes to improve politics and other aspects.
• Produce commitment to make changes on a part of superior leaders. Leaders need to have an opportunity to know about the organization to be more collaborative.
• Train leaders in new modern leadership skills. Give them an opportunity to know and use innovations to make the organization work more productively and to create a pleasant climate among the stuff.
• Employees should be trained in team member skills. We can see that new information and knowledge is important not for leaders only but for every single worker of a company in no dependence of his official status.
• Series of meetings with the stuff are important for generating of commitment and gathering data. The success of a company requires the participant of stuff in creating better culture and in redesigning procedures and workflow.
• Use of the benefits of technologies in job designing and talented workers’ skills as well.
• Develop a new system of organizational support.
• Establish team of a cross-functional implementation with professional expert in all important disciplines
Concluding the information that we have discussed, we can state that data, information and knowledge are important today as never before. The success of KM as we see also depends on using vary information and knowledge of every worker of a company. We hope that new technologies are going to help us use and operate knowledge and information in the best way.

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