Custom term paper: Decision-Making and Information Politics

1. Summary description of site’s structure and purpose is the website, the purpose of which is to provide the latest breaking news, news analysis, and information about IT jobs, multimedia and research for senior IT managers and IT professionals (Facebook).
The site of CIO was created in 1987 and has a complex structure with many pages and a lot of information. The main pages (sections) are called News, Research and Analysis, Slideshows, How-To, Blogs and Videos. News Section provides the latest news in the field of IT technology for professionals on a variety of subjects, such as mobile, applications, careers, operating systems, security, data center, virtualization, web 2.0, outsourcing and networking. Research and Analysis section provides original analysis, studies and researches, and current technology information on trends, tools, strategies and innovations of business. The section Slideshows shows everything that can be seen in fun and entertaining slideshows, including such topics as gadgets, smartphones, jobs and careers, hardware, netbooks and laptops, operating systems, security, social networking (CIO). How-To section allows reading practical information, articles about technology and management (CIO). The sections Blogs and Videos provide opportunity to exchange relevant information and to watch recent videos on IT topics.
The rest information is united in such sections as Drilldowns, Applications, Careers, cloud Computing, Data Center, Mobile, Operating System, Outsourcing, Security, Virtualization, Web 2.0, White Papers, Webcasts, Solution Centers, IT Jobs, Council, Events, Magazine and other (CIO).

2. Its overall “look and feel” and apparent target audience
As it is know, it is difficult to define the concept of “look and feel” of the site. The “look” includes aspects of the visual design of the site, such as colors, layouts, fronts, items and shapes (Raysman, 2010). The site looks clear, informative and interesting; the navigation is on the top of the site that is common. The site is not very bright. The main colors of the site are red, white, black and blue. For some people the site can seem dull or boring but as the aim of the site is not to entertain, so the used colors are proper.
The “feel” describes the characteristics that can be included to “visual design” or “interface design”. The site consists of various tabs, boxes, menus, and hyperlinks that makes it easy to use. The design of the site is appropriate for the topic and audience (Hoskins, 2009).
The target audiences of the site include senior IT managers and IT professionals, Serving chief information officers and other IT leaders (Facebook).

3. What I find useful about this site
It was interesting to know that, CIO magazine, CIO Executive Programs, CIO Custom Solutions Group and the CIO Executive Council are produced by CXO Media, an award-winning business unit of International Data Group (Facebook.). It was found out that CXO Media also produces sister publications CSO magazine and, for chief security officers and other security executives.
The site provides a lot of information about IT technologies. IT specialists can not only read useful articles there but use the site for searching job in IT sphere. Also, the site has likes to its pages on social sites, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Tweeter; it makes the site more available and accessible for readers and customers.

4. Links there that I either followed up
I checked all main sections of the site and looked through the main articles. I followed CIO to its pages on Facebook and LinkedIn. There readers can read basic information about CIO, its short description, aim, target audience, sphere of provided information, mission and other.

5. Any other things about the site that I find interesting
It was interesting to know that is the winner pf 2010 Digital Azbee Website of the Year. There is also interesting to know that CIO honored 100 companies that were creating new business value by innovating with technology. Reader can find out about these TI leaders on the site.
Also it is unusual that such big site does not contain advertisement. Usually sites provide at least some relevant advertisements, but this site doesn’t do it.

6. Bottom-line evaluation of its value to me
The site is very informative and contains recent, useful and relevant information in IT sphere. It was interesting to read about IT innovations, analyses and expert’s opinion as to the development of IT technology. The site is valuable and deserves the highest evaluation.

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