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Dealing with accounting, there is no need to say once again that this profession offers outstanding and maybe even unprecedented range of career opportunities, from well paid and prestigious positions in different public services to own independent accounting business. In fact, we could list more than 50 jobs that are directly related to accounting career opportunities. However, all of them can be conditionally divided into several primary professional trends: 1) public accounting; 2) auditing; 3) accounting and review services; 4) taxes; 5) management services; 6) income tax planning and preparation. As for me, I am the most interested in Certified Personal Accountant option, in the prospect of my possible future career. This point is determined by provided opportunity of personal and professional development, considering incredible responsibility of mentioned job. Moreover, the position of Certified Personal Accountant is widely considered to be the pinnacle of professional achievements in the field of accounting, and provides the most diverse range of options for own professional abilities implementation.

Accounting is the profession because it is the kind of occupation that requires special knowledge and long and intensive academic preparation. The necessity of special knowledge obtaining is central point of discussion here. Herewith, there is equally important to get certain necessary knowledge as well as special personal skills to perform really professional accounting business. There is no comprehensive list of such points in fact. Frankly, we may remind next items: 1) Knowledge of accounting principles, practices and procedures (including federal and local regulations);  2) Knowledge of basic leadership practices; 3) Skill in performing detailed numerical computations; 4) Skill in preparing detailed reports on a timely basis; 5) Skill in both verbal and written communication; 6) skill in the use of computer software and hardware.  In addition, typically professional accountants are featured with such personal characteristics as mindfulness, concentration, precision, and meticulousness.

Accounting considered to be demanding academic and business discipline due to several reasons. First of all, such status is determined by accounting’s nature in general. Without any exaggeration accounting worth to be called the primary language of business and the basic tool to carry it out successfully. Accounting is the fundamentals for entrepreneurship. Thereby, stakeholders of any given company are not able to run out business without professional accounting accompaniment. At second, last few decades the market witnessed several important transformations, including IT revolutions, strengthened regulations, complicated patterns of business structuring, and general market globalizations. Under such circumstances, companies feel significant need in taking due account of assets and liabilities to carry out successful and responsible business. In this regard, accounting specialization appears to be the most demanding on the market among other professions from economic field.

Speaking about my own determination to meet the demands of accounting career, it is mostly determined by significant passion to this profession. In its turn, such passion is generated from opening opportunities of respectable and important job obtaining, high-paid labor performing and the ability of self-fulfillment. Herewith, it is well clear to me that all aspirations should be accompanied by hard-working. In this regard, very important role belongs to proper academic assistance, with significant stresses to self-cultivation. In addition, not less important point is training of necessary skills of character. Generally, it seems that my personality traits correspond the requirements of accounting profession. With the presence of adequate level of self-dedication and qualified academic accompaniment, the future of professional and qualified Certified Personal Accountant looks pretty realistic to me.

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