Exploratory Essay

How to Write an Exploratory Essay

exploratory-essayHave you ever thought about the term, “Exploratory Essay”? If you are a student or was a student, you may have faced such type of writing. Generally speaking, in this assignment you will need to explore a specific topic, often in depth. What makes this type of essay different from the others is the fact that here you do not need to come to a firm conclusion or opinion. The focus here is a question, rather than a thesis. In other words, the main purpose of exploratory essay is to learn rather than to prove what you know.

When it comes to the beginning, you will have to inform the reader what topic you intend to explore and why you think it matters. Then in the body you will need to explain how you have reached this topic and then you have to review all your findings. Afterwards, in the conclusion you will have to summarize all your exploration at the end. You may state a conclusion, but this is not obligatory. In case you come to any conclusion, make sure to firstly express your feelings rather than facts.

It should be also added that writing such type of essay is not an easy task to do because it requires more abstract thinking than other writing types.

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