Injustice in the World Today

The main aim of this project is to discuss the concept of injustice in the world today using real life examples.

First of all it is important to mention that justice and injustice are two quite opposite concepts in our society. Justice is considered as a range of social and ethical phenomena: laws, acts of people, social institutions and social systems, solutions, purposes, positions of the people in modern society, while injustice is a deed, or attitude toward someone or something that do not conform to the moral and legal norms. In such a way, individual presents the level of own legal consciousness understanding the presence of injustice in relation to the individual by the state or by the law.

Injustice in legal awareness is the discrepancy of human relations, actions and deeds of moral and legal norms, including the equal reward for a certain act. This discrepancy is shown in the following forms: the injustice of remuneration for work; between crime and punishment, between the dignity of people and their recognition by other people and the state. Thinking about the real life example of injustice, I want to talk about a situation that had happen with my friend several years ago. A young woman was trying to find a work, but everywhere she was proposed very little salary only basing on the concept that she is a woman and her competence is not understandable to employers, while in one company a man with the same level of education and even without any experience was taken at the work at good position immediately, because he was someone’s relative. In my opinion this situation is an example of injustice, because it breaks not only gender rules, but it also breaks social order and ordinary understanding of human relations. Remembering this case, I need to say that my reaction on it was strong enough, and I recommended my friend to bring an action against that company, because nobody has any right to be so unfair against well-educated employees who are women.

Nowadays, thinking about injustice I understood that each ‘justice’ has a concrete historical character, i.e., assumes the characteristics of the situation, including its place in the mind of a specific individual. Some researchers argue that the desire for justice was formed at the genetic level in the breeding of human development because it provided advantage for survival to more ‘just’ tribes. There is no necessity to plunge into historical details thinking about the concept of injustice, because our society has achieved a lot of positive results in this area exactly nowadays. There is no doubt that contemporary world is trying to become fair, but sometimes it is almost impossible. For instance, some political events show us that our world is ruled by money, and it is rather hard to believe in the words of one or another politician.

In conclusion, observing the general idea of injustice in the world today it is possible to say that just social model depends on how the rights and obligations are formulated, and how their economic opportunities and social conditions in all sectors of society are defined.

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