Leadership Style Essay

It was on a Monday afternoon and a work environment in this healthcare organization was so busy that one could read the stress by just looking at the faces of the Doctors on duty. The Doctors on duty though were still attending their duties were already exhausted. On this faithful day, many patients that came to this clinic went home unsatisfied and some went home with the decision never to return to this clinic again in their lifetime. There were some situations when the patients engaged in the exchange of annoying and embarrassing words with the involved Doctors in the clinic. This was not a good site at all. The Doctors were relatively aggressive and showed little friendly approaches to the patients. They could listen to the complaints of the patients, listen to the answers the patients rendered to the questions they posed and made complete analysis of the anamnesis of the patients but these same Doctors were found wanting in some areas. They were found wanting in the area of self-control, perseverance and patience towards reacting and answering the patients’ questions.

Enlightened patients always tend to ask lots of questions especially concerning the Doctors decision as regards to the diagnosis of their ailments and sometimes these are not so welcome by the doctors. In this Clinic, the patients were so inquisitive to know the decision of the Doctor concerning their cases; why was the diagnosis this and not that. Some of the patients went to the extent of making the Doctor know that they have a different opinion about their diagnosis and further desired a different approach to their cases by these Doctors. The Doctors in reaction to such cases became very aggressive, shouted the patients down and released some words that portrayed that these patients should not come to the hospital if they make claim of the awareness of their diagnosis. Some of the Doctors also aggressively sent the patients out of their offices. Though the patients have the right to ask questions about their diagnosis, doubting the Doctors decision could portray a lack of respect and acknowledgement of the Doctor’s professionalism.

Delicate matters such as the way the patients are welcome and made to feel at home were also lost as a result of the encounters already met that day. This lead to reactions by the Doctors that was misappropriated. The Doctors due to a lot of embarrassing and annoying cases received in the day, proceeded with this state and allowed it to influence the way the new coming patients were treated.

There is a specific leadership style needed in this case of chaos in the Doctors’ temperament that will definitely and urgently solve this pertinent issue that could lead to the loss of clients that attend the clinic. The basic leadership style to be used is the command style. Chemers (1997) stated that this style allows the leader of this clinic to obtain the urgently required result of making the Doctors know that their reactions should completely be under their conscious control and should not be allowed the freedom to be controlled easily by events, actions or deeds of any patient. With this Leadership style, it should be made clear to the Doctors that no matter how annoying, embarrassing or disrespectful he patients’ actions, deeds or speech could be, they are not supposed to react in likewise manner. They are ought to answer the questions of the patients but can use words that command respects in a calm manner and never to raise their voices. The Doctors should make use of the aspects of psychology studied in their university period to tackle such cases in a calm manner without chaos or conspicuous aggressiveness. The act of welcoming the patients and making them feel comfortable as they arrive should also be commanded. This should never be dependent on the quantity of work the Doctor has on that day and should also not be dependent on whether he had been annoyed on this day or not by anybody and in anywhere.

To further clearly support the need for this leadership style and not any other one, the following points will be considered. The urgency of the result is a very serious necessity. If this situation is allowed to deteriorate, within three days there will be a great percentage shortage of clients that attend to this hospital. It will be disastrous to use democratic leadership style in this case because of the urgency and the tendency of many of the doctors to have their own reasons and opinion of not agreeing with the decision that will solve this issue.


Leadership styles are meant to be appropriately applied on the appropriate situation that suits it. According to Storey (2004), once the appropriate leadership style is applied, then the problem will be almost fully solved. The appropriate leadership style applied in the case of this health organization is the suitable one in the sense that it is directed to the urgent nature of the required result. Its usefulness also culminates the denial of doubts and contradicting opinions and disagreements that could follow in case of using another leadership style.

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