Medical memo essay

The focus of the meeting is to discuss the effectiveness of the new medical equipment and the opportunity to order some more types of new medical equipment for the hospital. Some other important issues will be also discussed. That is why it is recommended to get ready for the event and to prepare the list of questions of staff concern.

All staff members, including doctors, nurses, medical assistants and administration staff are invited to the mandatory office meeting that will take place on January 3, 2012 in the Board Room.

The major topics of the meeting include the following ones:

1. New medical equipment and its effectiveness.

2. The implementation of training programs for the medical staff to provide effective use of the new medical equipment.

3. Some problems that can prevent effective implementation of the new medical equipment.

4. Discussion of safety arrangements and precautions.

5. Discussion of the issues concerning discipline, medical uniform, and communication ethics.

The Management Department is planning to award the best doctors, nurses and medical assistants. Therefore, it is very important for all medical staff of our organization to be present at the meeting on the day.

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