Official Letters

I will be glad to provide you with my lodge for the two-day meeting. I am honored to accept you and your colleagues. I am certain that you will conduct your meeting successfully in the comfortable atmosphere of my lodge. I am aware of the importance of the two-day meeting for you. This is why I am ready to provide you with my lodge with all conveniences which are essential for the meeting. I have an extensive experience in this regard, because my lodge is used for meetings on the regular basis and meetings are conducted successfully because the atmosphere and conveniences available during meetings along with modern telecommunication systems allow maximizing the effectiveness of meetings. In this regard, I would like to point out that, while using my lodge for the two-day meeting, you will also receive cleaning services, air-conditioning, and, what is more, I will supply you with essential equipment to conduct your meeting.
However, to make your meeting convenient and effective and to supply aforementioned services, you should pay me $1.500 for two days. On paying this sum, you will enjoy all the services I have just mentioned above. The cost will cover all your needs and my offer is really competitive and profitable for you. In fact, you can count for the high level of services and the friendly and comfortable ambiance in the course of your meeting. I have a lot of customers, who conduct their meetings in my lodge on the regular basis and they always arrive to positive outcomes and reach the goals of their meetings.
I hope, you will accept my offer and have a successful meeting,
Sincerely yours,

Letter 5
Dear member of our fitness club,
We are glad to inform you that we can offer you new services and personal trainers to improve your performance and to increase the effectiveness of your workouts. We are conscious of the importance of fitness in your life. This is why we have developed a special offer for our loyal customers and members of our fitness club. This offer is limited and you should use your chance and to get the full advantage of our offer. In fact, we have been working hard to improve the effectiveness of workouts and to increase your satisfaction from attending our fitness club. Eventually, after consultations with leading specialists in the field of fitness, nutrition, and health, we found out that the most effective way to improve your healthy and gain the perfect physical shape is to use the individual training program. Each individual is unique and, now, we can offer you the possibility to order a personal training program with a personal trainer certified as a personal trainer by the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America. Recently, we have hired three such professional trainers, who are ready to work with you. The first trainer is John Powels, 29 years old, experienced in fitness training, former champion of fitness in the state of New York. The second trainer is Al DiBecchio, 34 years old, ten years of work in the field of fitness and aerobics. Finally, the third trainer is CJ, 32 years old, the former champion of fitness of England. Our trainers have an extensive knowledge in anatomy and kinesiology. These trainers use effective fitness-assessment testing procedures and can provide you with weight management and nutrition for average persons and those with special needs. Moreover, they are focused on the motivation of clients because this is the major condition of effective workouts. Now you have a chance to order personal training sessions for just $90. We hope you’ll make the right choice and enjoy your personal workouts,
Best regards,

Letter 6
Dear member of our fitness club,
We would like to apologize for our error concerning the qualification of one of our trainers, CJ. We believed she was certified by the Aerobic and Fitness Association of America but, recently, we have sent the request to the Aerobic and Fitness Association of America to check the certification of our trainers and we have found out that CJ has never been certified. We have not had this information since the beginning of CJ’s work in our fitness club. We were confident in our trainers and did not expect any problems with their certification. We apologize and beg your pardon but we know that many clients enjoy the training style of CJ. Naturally, we would refund your payments for the training you have already got but if you like CJ’s work and if you confident in her qualification, you could carry on training, while we insist on sending CJ to addition training and assessment to be eventually certified. In addition, we offer you to carry on training with CJ but we have reduced twice the price of the personal training with CJ. This means that you can continue your training but you will pay twice less that you used to, namely $45.
We strongly believe that we will never have such problems anymore.
Best regards,

Letter 8
Dear customer,
We wish to inform you that the high-end camera store located on East Capitol Drive, which you used to visit, has changed its owner. We are the new company that builds up the network of full service camera stores, which provide customers with cameras of the high quality. What is more, we offer our customers full services to products we sell. This means that, on purchasing a product in our store, you can refer to use, if any extra services are needed or if your camera do not work properly. We have an authorized repair service for Nikon and Sony. At the same time, we provide our customers with free consultations and recommendations on using cameras, which they have purchased from our camera store.
However, you would hardly need to refer to us for repair services because we sell only the high quality digital and single-lens reflex cameras and accessories. In such a way, you can attend our store and buy everything you need for your camera from scratch. Our specialists will give you recommendations if you need. Moreover, we develop our network and we have special offers for you. In this regard, the three years full service program for our loyal customers is just the beginning of our campaign, while in the future we intend to offer a system of discounts to our customers, both seasonal and regular. But you do not need to purchase a camera and a bunch of accessories to get a discount, you just need to come to the right place in the right time, and you’ll get it.
Sincerely yours,

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