Operations Management Essay

Identify the critical path and its activities for Rockfest. How long does the project take (what is the duration time)?

In order to identify critical path and its activities, we should first of all construct a flowchart of processes (Roy, 2005). On the chart, the length of each step is marked, and

It is possible to identify the branch with maximal length; it is A-B-D-E-F-G-O, and its duration is 34 weeks. Thus, the duration of the project is also 34 weeks, provided that everything goes as expected. The critical path is A-B-D-E-F-G-O, since there is no other branch competing with it in length, and there are no sections outside this path that might be critical. Indeed, the length of this branch is determined by the D-E-F line, which does not have intersections with other branches after D. Hence, project duration is 34 weeks, and critical path is A-B-D-E-F-G-O. Optimization was performed according to the criteria of time; if costs would be the main criteria, then critical path might be different; however, in case of Rockfest, the crucial factor is time.

How would you crash the project (which activities would you crash) to keep the project on schedule and achieve the original duration, if Activity B actually takes 5 weeks instead of the planned 3 weeks? (Explain your logic)?

If activity B (selection of local promoter) would take 2 more weeks than expected, there would appear a need to “crash” the project, since Activity B is in the critical path section (Render & Stair, & Hanna, 2005). Such crash would require directing additional people and resources to the other activities in the critical path (Render & Stair, & Hanna, 2005), which are: D – design of promotional website (5 weeks expected), E – setting TV deal (6 weeks expected), F – hiring director (4 weeks expected), and O – passes and stage credentials (7 weeks expected). It can be reasonable to reduce the time for some of these activities. If possible, the design of promotional website can be accelerated, and setting TV deal might be started in parallel with activity D, instead of direct following it. Without knowing the details, it is possible to suggest that the website will still be utilized on the final stages of TV deal, and certain preliminary agreements can be done while the website is still in progress. Hiring a director is not likely to be accelerated; however, all the participants can be warned of time shortage, and perhaps passes and stage credentials may be shortened by 1 week. Provided that the website can be done 4 days earlier, and the “paralleling” of TV show will bring some 3-4 additional days, it is possible to fit in the 34 estimated weeks using the above-described “crashing” procedure.the summary length of the actions preceding this step in the selected branch of the process tree. Figure 1 shows the process chart for the Rockfest.


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