Personal Essay

How to Write Personal Essay

personal-essayBeing a type of scholar writing, which addresses a certain topic from the author’s own perspective, in general, that includes some examples from the person’s life to support the main ideas, personal essay is a very popular form of testing students’ writing skills and ability to express ideas. Usually, a personal essay is from one to four pages in length.

When it comes to writing personal essays, please, bear in mind the fact that there are specific aspects of the essay form that you will need to take into account. Like any essay, in this one you will have to include an introduction, the main body and a conclusion. Make sure to end your introduction paragraph with a main thesis. Besides, since it is your unique view of the topic, it is recommended avoiding using passive voice and writing sentences in an active voice. Moreover, it is advisable to use your senses to make the essay sound personal.

It should be also added, you have to use the same tense and the same point of view in your paper. In addition, it is highly recommended making your essay not only easy to read, but also eye-catching. By the way, if you need any assistance, our custom term paper is always there for you.

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