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The article Is Google Making Us Stupid? by Nicholas Carr raises a very important issue – the impact of internet on human brain and human lifestyle or development. In other words the author attempts to persuade the audience that internet has a broad impact on humans and it can change to consistent changes in human thinking and lifestyle at large. In this regard, it is possible to agree with the author because internet has already changed consistently human life and human development to the extent that specialists () say about the emergence of the indigo generation, which is the generation of children of the information age.

However, the true impact of internet on humans is still uncertain and the author avoids one-side arguments condemning or glorifying internet for its impact on humans. Instead, he opens the discussion and helps people to start thinking over the impact of internet on their life. His arguments are persuading and the author uses them to persuade the audience that changes do occur and, what is more, they will occur in the future. In such a situation, the question concerning the impact of internet on humans remains still open because it is unclear whether it is positive or negative. Even though the author uses the eye-catching title Is Google Making Us Stupid? but he did not really respond to this question.

Nevertheless, the article is worth attention and detailed study because the author is probably right, when he writes about neurological and cognitive changes that may occur in humans under the impact of internet. However, this issue has to be studied on. Moreover, the author draws some evidence but they mainly refer to his observations and they are not supported by scientifically relevant, reliable and valid studies. Therefore, his arguments are a bit superficial and need further studies. On the other hand, it is hardly possible to argue with the main point of the article that internet changes humans and human life.

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