“The Lady with the Pet Dog” essay

Short Story Analysis:

Anna Sergeyevna in the “The Lady with the Pet Dog” by Anton Chekov

The core focus of this essay is on the answering such questions: what is Anna Sergeyevna’s character like and why is that important to the story; and how does the author give readers a sense of this character’s personality? Anton Chekov’s short stories are always filled with selection of details and gestures, which give the opportunity to speak volumes to his stories using a few words. Thus, every character is extremely important and makes readers feel what Chekov wanted to say. The character of Anna Sergeyevna is obviously a significant image in the forbidden love affair with Gurov, which is neither condemned nor romanticized by the author.

To shed light on aspects, it may be helpful to make a statement that Anna Sergeyevna’s character is strongly emotional woman, who is seemed to be starved for love and attention. Dimitry Dmitrich Gurov admires her breathtaking appearance: “slim delicate throat, lovely gray eyes”. Undeniably, selfish vanity of Gurov is less acceptable by readers than Anna Sergeyevna’s neediness in their illicit affair. Her naïve pathetic purity and his worldliness and experience are triggering different consuming and fascinating thoughts, while the reader is making his way through the Chekov’s tragi-comic story with its internal and external points (a person’s true feelings, needs and desires are definitely hidden from the publicity, as Chekov suggests).

Anna Sergeyevna’s extraordinary love and naïve purity, her suggestible and incentive appearance – everything about her is filled with the author’s sensitiveness. “She, this little undistinguished woman, lost in a provincial crowd…was his sorrow and his joy, the only happiness he now desired for himself…”- Gurov as well as the reader admires her with and in spite of all vices, becoming dependent on her that can not be overcome.

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