Women in the Home: From Republican Motherhood to the Modern Family

The position of women in the American society has changed substantially since the Republican times. At the same time, the American society has proved to be highly resistant to changes in relation to women as well as to the position of women in the society. The male domination in the society affected consistently the position of women, which have gained relative equal position in the society by the end of the 20th century but they still have to carry on struggle to gain equal opportunities compared to men.

Since 1780s the position of women in the American society has changed consistently. In the Republican time, women were viewed as being absolutely dependent on men. They were economically dependent on men and they failed to participate in the social and political life because men raised unsurpassable barriers on the way of women to politics. Today, women take an active part in the socio-economic and political life of the society and their role is not limited to that of mothers.

The 1950s were marked by the rise of the Civil Rights movement but the position of women in the American society was still inferior compared to men. Men were still viewed as bread winners, whereas women were viewed as housewives and mothers. Today, women are socially and economically active. In addition, they pay attention to their career development, while family is not as important for them as it used to be for women in the 1950s.

Thus, the American society has undergone substantial changes, which opened new opportunities for women. Women are not totally dependent on men as they used to be in the 1780s and their life is not limited to motherhood and family alone as it used to be in the 1950s.

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